Monday, March 28, 2016

SWS Founder Nominates Our Chaplin

As founder of security Within Self ( SWS ), it gave me GREAT pleasure to recently nominate our chaplin and New Orleans #1 crime fighter & mentor, Bro Al Mims, to be featured in the New Orleans Times Picayunes' new Everyday Heroes feature. is where you can send your nomination of Bro Al Mims, an everyday hero whether he's featured or not.
Here's what I wrote:
Brother Al Mims, Jr., is someone I call " New Orleans number one crime Fighter & mentor, " without an iota of exaggeration. 
Since the unsolved murder of his father decades ago, this retired Orleans Parish civil sheriffs deputy, ex-world champion kick boxer and former Louisiana Parole Board member, has relentlessly championed personal responsibility, mentorship and support of law enforcement in places where the lack of such advocacy is a literal matter of life or death.
He attributes " Us-ism " instead of racism as the culprit behind urban crime, family and infrastructure collapse, a very unpopular view in such areas. His house has been fired upon: threats have been made on his life and some community critics market the smear that he advocates on behalf of hostile, outside interests.
Bro Mims has shouldered this burden gracefully and energetically with the help of faith; family and the example set by his recently deceased mother, whom he credits for inspiring him to roll with punches, rhetorical and even literal, in the course of his civic ministry.
Having known him for a few years, I'm struck by his daily battle to uplift people and as such, chose him to be the chaplin for SWS, my organization. This choice was based upon his being a figurative father & brother to those he serves! 
Mention his name and it becomes obvious that if ever there were an everyday hero in New Orleans, it's Bro. Al  Mims, happy warrior in somber times.
-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black.
UrbanSafetyist & founder, Security Within SELF ( SWS )
urban protection & crime prevention alliance.

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