Friday, November 13, 2015

Missou Musings

Conservatives-and some offended liberals-have been quick to condemn the spate of protests on the campus of Missouri's flagship university.  

As a former campus activist, I both empathize with their grievances, while also wincing at some of their tactics.

Today's twenty-somethings are different from we of  Generation X vintage. Their style is far more aggressive and willingness to overwhelm compliant dissenters and even cautious authorities is well documented.
It's no secret that America is in a state of severe flux, where few know exactly where her cultural ship of state is headed.

Now is the time for statesmen ( and women ) in the Black community to step forward and help angry youth when it seems their anger is headed toward potential reefs sharp with police confrontation and public outcry.

On the upside, I think those outside our community now see what we deal with on a daily basis, when viral camera phone footage nor network news crews aren't around. 

The day of the quiet young Black protester appear gone forever.  
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