Thursday, June 23, 2016

PeaceKeepers Counsel SWS Chaplin #BroAlMims

As SWS founder, I recently had a ringside seat to observe a conflict resolution session between New Orleans Peace Keepers and our number one crimefighter and mentor, Bro Al Mims. Let me openly confess that I support conflict between urban stakeholders and urban strangleholders, but that's no secret. 

The trio interviewed Bro Al and his wife about their issue with a career community criminal and drug addict. They also peeled back layers of stress and worry common to anyone bearing the cross of promoting lawfulness in the inner city. The dialogue was as much about healing Bro Al as seeking unlikely reconciliation with the other party. The session highlighted the need for internal mediation where we resolve disputes before they escalate. 

While I remain a proponent of self-defense and security solutions, the PeaceKeepers model is one that works. Just ask Bro Al Mims, who smiled from ear to ear after the session ended. The PeaceKeepers counseled a great peacemaker in a community long overdue for more peace! 

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Your UrbanSafetyist and SWS founder. 504 214-3082. @nadraenzi on twitter. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

#BroAlMims Responds to Threat

SWS Chaplin Bro Al Mims pays a price for standing up to thugs and standing up for police in besieged Central City, arguably New Orleans most violent area. Someone who lives near him has recently made repeated threats. A vendetta has been on low boil since a six month jail term after their last encounter years ago. 

Unlike suburbs or high priority enclaves like the French Quarter, urban stakeholders don't have city attorneys, politicians and police executives undivided attention. Despite our lives being far more at risk, threats against stakeholders like Bro Al are ignored until either he or the aggressor are injured. Since that outcome isn't acceptable, Bro Al is going to attempt mediation to deescalate this matter. 

I am mobilizing attention and potential intervention- meaning going to the threatener, if need be. I will not stand idly by and watch an avoidable threat injure a good man and his family because they aren't the favored color downtown. Mediation; peace bonds and prudence are Bro Al's response to this latest threat on his life. 

Frankly, were he a White advocate facing this, the mayor; police superintendent and city attorney would rush to his side. The fact that they don't speaks volumes- none of it good. 

If anyone is interested, Bro Al's number is 504 914-1622

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Your UrbanSafetyist. & SWS founder. 504 214-3082. @nadraenzi on twitter. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

#BroAlMims Talks Assault Rifles.

SWS Urban Fellowship Statement: 

As he always does, our chaplin Bro Al Mims, former Louisiana Parole Board member, recently offered a compassionate policy recommendation.

Monday, on New Orleans WWL TV, he-a 2nd Amendment supporter-called for an assault weapons ban, citing their routine illegal use in urban areas like his besieged Central City community. 

We support Bro Mims placing ignored urban safety at the center of the re-ignited assault weapons debate. We further support the Orleans Parish District Attorney in his effort to rein in gun crime. 

SWS; sEcurity Within SELF Urban Fellowship is a common ground where protection and prevention advocates work together. Bro Al Mims number is 504 914-1622

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, SWS founder. 504 214-3082. @nadraenzi on twitter. 

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

SWS Attended Natasha Hunter Vigil

I attended a vigil yesterday for New Orleans Police Department officer Natasha Hunter, who was killed this weekend by a drunk driver. I accompanied Brother Al Mims, New Orleans # 1 crimefighter & mentor.

Held in front of police headquarters, it hosted an unlikely cross section of urban residents, officers from various agencies and elected officials. Tragedy unites until agendas once more divide. We will see how far this case progresses.

Ironically, being a female officer is a tradition in her family. She left behind a 5 year old child and alot of adult grief. It underscored the need, which can't be stressed enough, for crime plagued communites to find common ground with law enforcement- before tragedy strikes!

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Your UrbanSafetyist and SWS Urban Fellowship founder. 504 214-3082. @nadraenzi on twitter.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

SWS Mourns NOPD Officer Natasha Hunter

SWS: Security Within SELF Urban Fellowship, extend our heartfelt remorse  concerning the death of NOPD Officer Natasha Hunter. 

May Black and White, liberal and conservative unite in the holy cause of preserving life and supporting those actively protecting it. 

Let's create safety together.

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Your UrbnaSafetyist & SWS Founder. 504 214-3082.

SWS Thought Experiment: Sheriff Marlin Gusman

Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman is blamed for violence within the parish prison. Critics say it proves he's not fit for the position, despite a resume bursting with administrative accomplishment.

*Dramatic pause*

Is the NOPD superintendent blamed-and position endangered-for violence on the streets? Are each of the eight district ( precinct ) commanders blamed-and positions endangered-for crime in their areas? If so, they would already have been fired given New Orleans robust violence!

Odd how the only law enforcement official blamed for violence is the Orleans Parish Sheriff.
We reelected him to supervise a jail and programs attempting to manage career exporters of violence- a task made impossible by an army of naysayers who protest and file suit like a religious ritual.

None in critics ranks want to blame allegedly angelic inmates for violence in and out of custody- which incidentally isn't protested nor federally regulated. Try that Catch 22 on for size.

The inmates are free to do what they want and we in urban areas will pay for the Sheriff's potential defeat when these victorious prisoners are released!

I ask urban hostages to please consider that when you hear a strange sound in your house. No protestors nor lawyers will be available to help you. End of thought experiment... and perhaps your life.

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Founder, SWS: Security Within SELF Urban Fellowship- " Uniting protection & prevention advocates. " 504 214-3082. @nadraenzi on twitter.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

SWS Supports NOPD Officer Natasha Hunter


SWS: Security Within SELF Urban Fellowship send our support to the New Orleans Police Department ( NOPD ) & the family of  officer Natasha Hunter, who was  struck by a suspected drunk driver last night.

Let's create safety together.

-Cap Black, SWS Founder. Bro Al Mims, SWS Chaplin. SWS 504 214-3082.

Black Life Superheroes ( BLSH ).

Urban America must save itself. Leading the charge of self-salvation are those I often call, " Black life superheroes, " or BLSH. Some, like myself and Dangerman, the Urban Superhero
, are members of the broader real life superhero or RLSH movement.

Most Black life superheroes aren't RLSH, but do hit very mean streets stopping crime and helping hostage residents. BLSH icon Walter Gildersleeve, the Detroit Batman
, has an armed street patrol named Detroit Street Watchers. They board up vacant structures and patrol school zones to deter rape and robbery. His You Tube channel should be required viewing for anyone interested in BLSH advocacy.

Organizations like Detroit 300; Mad Dads; Concerned Black Men; Peace Keepers and Cease Fire are standard bearers of the Black life superhero group model where urban stakeholders mediate potentially deadly disputes and mentor on troubled concrete instead of inside comfortable suites.

New Orleans number one crimefighter & mentor Bro Al Mims

is a Black life superhero pioneer whose daily anti crime advocacy and mentorship through the Fatherhood Roundtable are a wonder to behold. Most BLSH don't wear costumes but all shoulder the challenge of helping ignored people find their " super " in the worst neighborhoods. Black life superheroes work to save urban America from the inside out. It'll take superheroic dedication to accomplish this feat! No costumes are required but dedication is demanded.

Will you be the next Black life superhero in your community? #BLSH.

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Your UrbanSafetyist, has the rare privilege of being a RLSH and BLSH, given his superhero name advocacy and focus on mobilizing urban stakeholders. SWS: Security With SELF Urban Fellowship, is his organization uniting protection and prevention advocates as an all-too-rare united front of Black life superheroes. 504 214-3082. @nadraenzi on twitter.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

What the Greatest Means to Cap Black

( New Orleans ): Muhammad Ali became an immortal in the mid-20th Century as a very young man. The fact that physical death has now claimed him leaves me numb, but no less inspired. Here's why I'm inspired.
In changing his name, he dealt history a punishing body blow. He demonstrated the heights a Black man could ascend once freed from social shackles past and present.
His defense of conscientious objector status during the Vietnam Conflict was conducted through the court system-not via calls for rioting-which ultimately was decided in his favor by the US Supreme Court. This victory also returned him to the ring, with equally historic results.
What Muhammad Ali means to me is the only limitations a human being should accept are only those imposed by Yahweh ( God Almighty )and his own imagination.
As a fellow Black Southerner, I take great pride that this immortal came from Louisville, Kentucky and proved Black Southerners weren't downtrodden bit players in the drama of our times. We could also take center stage and change the world.
That's what Muhammad Ali, the Greatest, means to me.
-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Your UrbanSafetyist and SWS Founder. @nadraenzi on twitter.UrbanSafetyism blog