Tuesday, April 19, 2016

#CapBlack Comments On Cafe Istanbul Story

My comments on this story:

Cafe Istanbul, Landrieu administration reach agreement

I provided security at Café Istanbul- along with other men, as needed - for two years ( until this illegal ruling by the city ) with zero incidents; NO trash piled up & neighbors running around aiming camera phones at us and screaming at the owners!

I've been cited in local and national media for my public safety advocacy, including an April 2nd feature in USA Today http://www.usatoday.com/…/policing-the-usa-cops-c…/82500960/
One FMIA member even went so far as to file a false simple battery charge against a co-worker who NEVER got within arms reach of him- I was on scene the during the entire incident. This association and the city are working in cahoots to smear and eventually shut down one of the few minority owned businesses in the Marigny.
To say this is racially motivated is an understatement. City code nor state law requires licensed security officers at clubs ( a profession which rarely works entertainment venues ), especially for a location with ZERO incidents since its 2012 opening.
It's Jim Crow 2.0- not a progressive look for alleged progressives in office and in neighborhood associations.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Your UrbanSafetyist & Security Within Self ( SWS ) urban protection and prevention fellowship founder. 504 214-3082 and @nadraenzi on twitter.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Marigny Klan Targets Cap Black!

( New Orleans ): In response to an unethical-and illegal-recent demand placed upon Cafe Istanbul ( targeted for eventual closure ), a night club I assisted, that it hire a licensed security company, I share the following:

The club is not required by New Orleans municipal ordinance nor Louisiana state law to do so. The location isn't a public safety threat; has no record as such and the not-so-subtle implication is its Black audience are animals who must be managed by state licensed lion tamers- private sector or police, the original stipulation from the club's tormenters.

I've assisted clubs and events in several states for years and Café Istanbul is the most tame by far. Additionally, I'm regularly interviewed on local and national media about the private role in public safety and co-host a radio show addressing these topics. Not quite the ignorant Negro the Marigny Klan mis-perceives me to be.

Café Istanbul's diverse patrons are peaceful and should be held up as a model of orderly entertainment.  Any allegation against it is not only false, but also a falsehood supported by the same local government which slaps urban stake holders in the face with alarming regularity.

Security companies rarely secure such venues for multiple reasons, chiefly personnel related. Club security operates well beyond tame requirements of observing and reporting on behalf of regular business clients.

This demand came from the Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association ( more aptly, the Marigny Klan ), whose bias is legendary. Their zeal to gentrify a lily White suburb within a majority Black city has reached a new low.

I hasten to note, they are a group of so-called progressives ( not Republicans or Tea Partyers ) whose pretty rhetoric about inclusion doesn't match the ugly reality I've observed in action. Their " love " of Black people begins and ends with President Obama- regular folks are reduced to being irritants or perhaps, occasional pets.

This targeting is their trademark heavy handed discrimination. While Cap Black has been targeted by the Marigny Klan, rest assured he is fighting back!

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Your UrbanSafetyist & Security Within Self ( SWS ) urban protection & prevention fellowship founder . 504 214-3082.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Goon Control Not Gun Control.

 New Orleans ): I won't rashly opine on the latest high profile shooting thrust upon the national scene ( i.e., the death of former NFL player Will Smith ).

I will reasonably-to me at least-comment upon inevitable calls for civilian disarmament. Gun control, stated by upper income Whites, won't do much for darker hued high risk, low income areas. In such risky zip codes, goon ( criminally violent behavior ) control, not gun, control is key.

Inner city areas are awash with individuals and toxic culture launching assault upon victims with dogmatic regularity.

Defying a much-touted 40 year national low in violent crime, various inner cities are steadily climbing up the daily brutality ladder- including New Orleans with a rate of nine times the national average, as I type seated in the besieged Crescent City.

For Black citizens, surrounded by violence, disarmament smacks of discrimination. We have a greater self-defense need than peers in much safer sectors. This need is far more immediate than curative outcomes promised by social justice advocates. Our zip codes are bereft of pigmentary priority and thus fend for ourselves in de facto defense of safety justice.

" Fending for ourselves, " in safety justice contexts, means equal access to defensive weaponry and, precariously, fair inquiry after use of force. A focus upon controlling goons-short hand for violent criminal behavior-instead of guns for victims, enhances safety justice and race relations. Goon control helps those nearest and then distant enclaves into which goons inevitably launch violence.

When statistically safer White people call for disarmament after high profile shootings, I double down on safety justice arguments.

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Security Witn Self ( SWS ) fellowship founder and urbansafetyist. 504 214-3082

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Friday, April 8, 2016

#CapBlacks50th Birthday is Monday

#‎CapBlacks50th‬ Birthday is Monday. Help an advocate or cop in ur area. Say, Cap Black sent u!
Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black.
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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Attorney Ken Jones

Attorney Ken Jones aka " the Centrist Advisor, " is a native New Orleanian and son of local Black activist C.C. Campbell Rock. Mr. Jones currently resides in Maryland.

His depth of practice includes being an experienced criminal defense attorney; an official in several municipalities nation wide; and advocate for urban youth mentoring.

He is a moderate commentator on governmental affairs; trending social issues and community relations with police. He is effortlessly engaging and informative- a voice of reason adept at addressing unreasonable moments in society.

Please contact Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, SWS Founder, with all inquiries: 504 214-3082. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

SWS Founder Quoted In USA Today

April 2nd, 2016:
While police officers have body armor and fire arms, communication may be their most powerful asset. A senior officer recently said he'd like to think that his relationships with members of the community would prompt 9-1-1 calls or physical assistance if he was in trouble or getting "his behind whipped" by a suspect.
The importance of community policing isn't just feel-good psycho-babble. Those relationships could mean the difference between an officer working a beat in which he feels appreciated or a beat in which he feels like everyone has their crosshairs trained on him.
I'd ask fellow urban stakeholders to pretend for a moment that their color is blue. Inner-city duty means a sea of camera phones and witnesses loudly proclaiming that an officer has used undue force in their community. Those officers risk—depending on the political climate within their departments—their careers going up in smoke or becoming the latest poster boy for police brutality. Racial profiling is horrible. But imagine the weight of prejudice based upon the color of your uniform. It's possible that both police officers and urban stakeholders feel discriminated against. Our clashes make headlines and sometimes they force police departments to rethink their purpose and change their policies. Officers and the people they serve have every good reason to cultivate relationships. They have no good reason to avoid them.
Nadra Enzi; New Orleans
In violent climate, a call for cultivating cop relationships http://usat.ly/1MICsen
-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Your UrbanSafetyist; Brothers and Badges Together Advocate & US ( Urban Safety ) Tour presenter. 504 214-3082. @nadraenzi on twitter. 

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