Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cap Black Discusses Marigny Klan

SWS founder Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black's American Urban Radio Network ( AURN ) commentary on the Marigny Klan! ( racist neighborhood association ).



Marigny Klan Targets Cap Black!


The Cops, an account by a long time Marigny Klan opponent about my role in getting a phony simple assault charge lodged against an innocent Black men by one of their board members dismissed.

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Your UrbanSafetyist and Brothers and Badges Together Advocate. @nadraenzi on twitter. 504 214-3082

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

SWS Vs Contemptuous Contractors

For three house-shaking weeks New Orleans #1 crimefighter & mentor Brother Al Mims has fought a group of contractors intent upon driving 18 ton trucks through his neighborhood. This illegal daily earthquake threatens to damage homes already battered by hurricane Katrina's waters in crime-besieged Central City.

I've served as " oracle " ( off site support documenting and e-mailing relevant information to media and office holders ) since last week and heard Brother Al's ordeal via cellphone as he talked with foremen only to have the issue re-occur.

Sadly, when you are an urban stakeholder, those whose salaries your taxes pay will lie or ignore you based upon your ethnicity and zip code. Or worse! Unfortunately, a worse response occured the last time Brother Al talked to these contractors. One worker, who happened to be Black, said," F--- you! " and the White foreman rudely informed him that he was the only homeowner complaining.

Actually, Brother Al represented several homeowners in this matter as vice president of their neighborhood association.

My urban fellowship, SWS: Security Within Self, was founded to assist stellar stakeholders like our chaplin Brother Al Mims. Despite being medium brown ( an inside joke, lol ), he was more than Black enough to be mistreated.

Were he White, of any status, but especially upper income, he wouldn't have been mistreated. The case of SWS verses the contemptuous contractors working this Sewage and Water Board contract continues.

Stay tuned!

NOTE: Ask Brother Al Mims yourself at 504 914-1622.

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Your UrbanSafetyist & SWS founder. @nadraenzi on twitter. 504 214-3082

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Cap Black on Inner City Youth ( AURN )

"Project 21: New Visions" Commentary from Project 21-Black Conservative Leadership Network 
Issues With Inner City Youth. by SWS founder Nadra Enzi aka "Cap Black"
@nadraenzi on twitter. 504 214-3082.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Out & About

A quick hello to #UrbanSafetyism followers reminding them to be aware; to CARE ( create awareness & responsibility everywhere ); not be victims and more importantly, not be victimizers!

 -Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Your UrbanSafetyist and Brothers and Badges Together Advocate. 504 214-3082. @nadraenzi on twitter.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Cap Black WWL Podcast on #Nola Video Fight

Cap Black on Tommy Tucker Podcast

May 4th, 2016 episode of WWL radio's Tommy Tucker show, 

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Your UrbanSafetyist and Brothers and Badges Together Advocate. @nadraenzi on twitter. 504 214-3082.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

When Assailants are Kids.

Security Within Self ( SWS ), isn't just a catch phrase I coined.

It's a mindset to counter uninvited aggression in urban areas. Countering aggression is made all the more difficult when assailants are children. A recent discussion poignantly captured this dilemma.

A pair of ten year olds made a robbery attempt upon a professional who is, ironically, a social justice activist. Staying true to her values, she moved the lead assailant away by placing her hands on his shoulders. Please note she didnt shove him nor become irate.

This displayed considerable grace under pressure given her position as intended victim.

His regrettable response was punching her in the face several times. She repeatedly called him, " Baby! " in an attempt to remind him he is still a child, despite the crime he committed. Fortunately, she wasn't injured.

Despite being attacked, the woman felt the boy was acting out on abuse he'd possibly experienced. Instead of incarceration, she wanted to schedule a meeting with the boys mother and a child psychologist. She made this request to a police officer who I'm sure was surprised by her compassion.

Her display of empathy, especially after being beaten, makes this response all the more worthy of sharing.

SWS, Security Within Self, is the unity of protection and prevention philosophies among urban stakeholders. I'm adding this lady's impressive display to the list of interventions shared with the community.

When assailants are kids it challenges protector and preventor alike to reassess deeply felt positions.

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Your UrbanSafetyist; Brothers and Badges Together Advocate and SWS founder. 504 214-3082. @nadraenzi on twitter.

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Terror is in the Eye of the Beholder!

A march against " Police Terror " was held this weekend in front of the US Attorneys office in New Orleans. It protested the recent plea deal brokered by a particularly elitist federal judge ( is there any other kind? ) named Kurt Englehart, on behalf of the disgraceful Danziger Bridge officers.

Englehart, in all his arrogance, has given explosive ammunition to claims that Black lives don't matter. The next ambush of an NOPD officer can be laid at his feet, as well as those of the assailant.

Police terror was a harsh title for the equally harsh perception that the local legal system is against New Orleans majority population.

Taking the terror theme a little further we see: a department depopulated by an imperial mayor; federal oversight of the minutea of NOPD function to the point that crime fighting is crippled; a Public Integrity ( ? ) Bureau deeply mistrusted by officer and citizen alike and a violence plagued city whose pro-police stakeholders, if they have excessive melanin, have no access to police decision makers. There is police terror in New Orleans beyond that justifiably articulated in this march.

This department is terrorized by local and federal officials whose goals don't seem to include officer morale; fighting crime nor community relations beyond photo op meetings with excluded urban stakeholders.

The terrorist label can easily extend beyond the Danziger Bridge officers to include a Who's Who wgo terrorize good cops and good citizens to satisfy very bad intentions.

Terror is truly in the eye of the beholder. I behold terror as blatant micro-managing of policing and macro-manipulation of public opinion to the detriment of both groups.

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Your UrbanSafetyist;  Brothers and Badges Together Advocate and SWS Founder. 504 214-3082. @nadraenzi on twitter.