Wednesday, May 25, 2016

SWS Vs Contemptuous Contractors

For three house-shaking weeks New Orleans #1 crimefighter & mentor Brother Al Mims has fought a group of contractors intent upon driving 18 ton trucks through his neighborhood. This illegal daily earthquake threatens to damage homes already battered by hurricane Katrina's waters in crime-besieged Central City.

I've served as " oracle " ( off site support documenting and e-mailing relevant information to media and office holders ) since last week and heard Brother Al's ordeal via cellphone as he talked with foremen only to have the issue re-occur.

Sadly, when you are an urban stakeholder, those whose salaries your taxes pay will lie or ignore you based upon your ethnicity and zip code. Or worse! Unfortunately, a worse response occured the last time Brother Al talked to these contractors. One worker, who happened to be Black, said," F--- you! " and the White foreman rudely informed him that he was the only homeowner complaining.

Actually, Brother Al represented several homeowners in this matter as vice president of their neighborhood association.

My urban fellowship, SWS: Security Within Self, was founded to assist stellar stakeholders like our chaplin Brother Al Mims. Despite being medium brown ( an inside joke, lol ), he was more than Black enough to be mistreated.

Were he White, of any status, but especially upper income, he wouldn't have been mistreated. The case of SWS verses the contemptuous contractors working this Sewage and Water Board contract continues.

Stay tuned!

NOTE: Ask Brother Al Mims yourself at 504 914-1622.

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Your UrbanSafetyist & SWS founder. @nadraenzi on twitter. 504 214-3082

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