Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Goon Control Not Gun Control.

 New Orleans ): I won't rashly opine on the latest high profile shooting thrust upon the national scene ( i.e., the death of former NFL player Will Smith ).

I will reasonably-to me at least-comment upon inevitable calls for civilian disarmament. Gun control, stated by upper income Whites, won't do much for darker hued high risk, low income areas. In such risky zip codes, goon ( criminally violent behavior ) control, not gun, control is key.

Inner city areas are awash with individuals and toxic culture launching assault upon victims with dogmatic regularity.

Defying a much-touted 40 year national low in violent crime, various inner cities are steadily climbing up the daily brutality ladder- including New Orleans with a rate of nine times the national average, as I type seated in the besieged Crescent City.

For Black citizens, surrounded by violence, disarmament smacks of discrimination. We have a greater self-defense need than peers in much safer sectors. This need is far more immediate than curative outcomes promised by social justice advocates. Our zip codes are bereft of pigmentary priority and thus fend for ourselves in de facto defense of safety justice.

" Fending for ourselves, " in safety justice contexts, means equal access to defensive weaponry and, precariously, fair inquiry after use of force. A focus upon controlling goons-short hand for violent criminal behavior-instead of guns for victims, enhances safety justice and race relations. Goon control helps those nearest and then distant enclaves into which goons inevitably launch violence.

When statistically safer White people call for disarmament after high profile shootings, I double down on safety justice arguments.

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Security Witn Self ( SWS ) fellowship founder and urbansafetyist. 504 214-3082

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