Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Respect Rep Alternative

The respect representative ( hereafter, respect rep ) is a protective, preventative evolution parallel to that of the police and private security officer.

It is an SWS ( Security Within SELF ) model promoting social collaboration among Black people in high stress situations as opposed to White social control models of an officer, public or private, who acts as a surrogate for law makers or clients,    

Obviously, social control is not an exclusively White construct, as evidenced by a cursory review of police and private security services in African and Caribbean nations. We also add security companies founded and agencies led, by American Blacks to the list.

The respect rep seeks to partner with the individual to co-create an outcome that is peaceful via basic self-governance. This alternative negates the pressing need for police or private security intervention. 

If this is the era of " Black Lives Matter " disruption protests-eerily similar to the majority White Occupy Wall Street tactics-the respect rep is a counterpoint to it as well. Our view is internally protecting and mentoring ourselves while others pursue redress from the larger society.

Between the social control representative of the police or private officer and the disruption representation of Black Lives Matter stands the respect representative.

The respect representative seeks to enlist aggrieved Black people as partners in their own protection and prevention, as opposed to the old " cat & mouse " construct of surveillance and detention.

The respect representative addresses basic lac of self-governance, individual and collective, at the heart of Black confrontations or worse, violent crime.

Basic self-governance is the goal of  SWS uniting the protection and prevention wings inside the Black community. 

While others can assist-and frankly, often hinder us-, the ultimate job is ours and ours alone.

Black culture can be the domain of protectors who mentor and mentors who protect, within our persons, families, friendships, workplaces, streets and events.

The more respect becomes of standard, chiefly self-respect, the less need there will be for externally sanctioned police and private security.

That's what makes respect representatives a viable alternative to outside models of social control.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, a respect rep for decades in the Hostage Hood & its events.
Free Security Activist. SWS: Security Within SELF organization founder. 504 214-3082.

Nadra Enzi PO BOX 58822, New Orleans, LA. 70158. 

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